Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Pro Tools

Windows users - install loopMIDI according to these instructions

  1. In Pro Tools, go to Setup > MIDI > Input Devices.  Check "From Shove 1", you can ignore "From Shove 2". 
  2. In the Device Setup window, click MIDI Port Setup under MIDI
  3. Uncheck the following:
    • Ableton Push 2 Live Port (Mac)
    • Ableton Push 2 User Port (Mac)
    • from Shove 2 (Mac)
    • Ableton Push 2 (Windows)
    • MIDIIN2 (Ableton Push 2) (Windows)
Pro Tools and Shove Ableton Push 2 Inputs.jpg

Configure MMC (MIDI Machine Control)

MMC allows the Play and Record buttons to work with Shove and Push 2.

  1. Go to Setup > Peripherals...  Then click on the Machine Control tab.  
  2. Check the box for MIDI Machine Control Remote (Slave) on the bottom and leave it at 127.
Pro Tools MMC Settings.jpg