Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Reaper

Windows users - install loopMIDI according to these instructions

Global Settings

  1. In Reaper, click Reaper > Preferences (On Windows, choose Options > Preferences)
  2. Choose MIDI Devices under Audio settings
  3. Double click “from Shove 1” to open the “Configure MIDI Input” window
  4. Check “Enable input from this device”
  5. Click OK and click OK again to exit preferences

Track Settings

  1. Create a track and insert a VSTi
  2. Set track input with Input: MIDI > from Shove 1 > All Channels
  3. If you don’t have any other controllers than setting Input: MIDI > All MIDI Input > All Channels also works
  4. Enable Record Monitoring and arm the track to hear playback