Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Studio One

Windows users - install loopMIDI according to these instructions

  1. In Studio One, go to Preferences > External Devices
  2. Click Add... and choose New Keyboard.
  3. Name the device Shove and choose "from Shove 1" in the Receive From dropdown.  Click OK.

Configure MMC (MIDI Machine Control)

MMC allows the Play and Record buttons to work with Shove and Push 2.

  1. Go to Preferences > External Devices again.  Click Add...
  2. Expand the Presonus folder and choose MMC.
  3. Select "from Shove 1" in the Receive From dropdown and click OK.

Your preferences window should look like this when you're done.


I recommend unchecking "Notify me if devices are unavailable when Studio One starts".  This keeps Studio One from complaining at start up if Shove isn't running.